Looks like it’s not only seiyuu Yui Ishikawa who has been getting threats as a global pandemic happens. Kemono Friends and Hentatsu director Tatsuki also filed a police report, and it also involves some online threats. The anime director said that the suspect has been threatening several others as well. And he will be revealing more details on this in the future.

In addition, Tatsuki also said that several aggregator sites have been representing him and other clients to gain traffic. He says he wants immidiate removal of these posts and for them to also post corrections and apologies. The director also said that these aggregator sites were quite malicious too.

As for the police, Tatsuki says that they told him that an investigation is possible.  In fact, he is constantly consulting with them on the matter. Tatsuki also stated that he’s dennouncing these aggregator sites that ridicule or defame sincere people. He says that they can do real harm and it’s becoming less of a laughing matter.

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Source: Tatsuki official Twitter Page


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