The COVID-19 pandemic has closed a lot of businesses, and unfortunately, that includes animation studios. One of them is Kyoto Animation, which is known for beautiful animation, as well as beautiful stories. KyoAni has been on work hiatus since April 13th, and was supposed to end one month after. Unfortunately, the anime studio has announced that they’re extending the hiatus.

According to the announcement, one of the main reasons for the extension is the fact that the Japanese government extended its State of Emergency until May 31, 2020. However, the government did announce that it’s lifting the state of emergency in some prefectures. Unfortunately, Kyoto, where KyoAni is, isn’t one of them. The prefectural government did announce that they are partially lifting business restrictions, but KyoAni is still listing its work hiatus to end by the 31st.

The pandemic has hit KyoAni quite hard. In fact, in postponed Violet Evergarden the Movie… again. Violet Evergaden film’s official website cited COVID-19 concerns as the reason for the postponement. They have yet to announce a new release date for the movie, which was supposed to premiere on April 24. They originally scheduled the film for January 10, 2020. However, due to the horrific arson attack, the studio decided to delay the film’s release. And with Japan’s COVID-19 outbreak being one of the worst in the world, it’s getting delayed again. Can Violet catch a break?

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source: Kyoto Animation official Website


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