To celebrate its 20th anniversary, The Prince of Tennis franchise is getting a new TV anime! It will happen in 2021 and it will be titled “New Prince of Tennis Hyoutei vs Rikkai Game of Future”. And to celebrate the new anime’s announcement, mangaka Takeshi Konomi even illustrated a teaser visual:

The new anime will have an original story, and it will pit Keigo Atobe’s Hyotei Gakuen Middle School against Seiichi Yukimura’s Rikkai Junior High School. Konomi himself will be supervising this new anime’s production.

Keiichiro Kawaguchi will be directing the new anime, while Mitsutaka Hirota is writing the scripts. Meanwhile, Akihiro Ishii will be providing the character designs. As for the cast, Junichi Suwabe will be reprising his role as Keigo Atobe, while Sachiko Nagai is also returning as Seiichi Yukimura.

Expect the staff to reveal even more details about “New Prince of Tennis Hyoutei vs Rikkai Game of Future” in the days to come.

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Source: Comic Natalie


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