Get ready ladies and gentlemen, because we are getting a brand new vampire anime! Weekly Shounen Champion magazine has announced that Itaru Bonnoki’s The Vampire Dies in No Time manga is getting an anime adaptation.

Unfortunately, they did not reveal this new anime’s format yet. This means that we still don’t know whether it will be a TV anime, anime movie, OVA, or ONA. We also still don’t know much about its release date, cast, staff, and studio. For now, we would just have to wait for more announcements in the days to come.

The manga follows a vampire named Dralc, who rumours state that he is invincible. A Vampire Huntuer named Ronaldo decided to make Dralc his quarry, and after rumours state that he kidnapped a child, Ronaldo arrives in his castle to try a rescue operation. Unfortunately, when he arrives, Ronaldo discovers that Dralc is hilariously weak, as he dies with the smallest things and turns into dust. In fact, Dralc is the weakest of them all!

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Source: Anime News Network


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