Are you ready to cry again? This is because legendary anime writer and musician, Jun Maeda (Angel Beats), is back with a new anime project. He’ll be working with Visual Arts/Key once again, as well as Aniplex. This new anime’s title is The Day I Became a God (Kami-sama ni Natta Hi), and it will premiere in October 2020.

Maeda is work in the anime as scriptwriter. They’re also crediting him for the original work in this one as well. Meanwhile, Na-Ga, who has worked as original character designer for many Visual Arts/Key projects, will be returning for this one as well. Finally, P.A. Works will be animating the new series. Here is the key visual:

Visual Arts/Key has also launched a new official website. It teases the anime’s story as:

Hinata, who awakened as a god.
She foresaw “the end of the world.”
She chooses a lone young man.
Who, as her companion,
Will spend his time with her until the very end

In addition, Tokyo MX will also be airing a special prologue for the series. It will happen on May 24, 2020 at 8:30pm JST. They will reveal more information about the anime during the broadcast. As for how they’re working on the series during this pandemic, P.A. Works has stated that they have been developing the project for some time now. They have also pre-recorded the audio already.

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Source: The Day I Became A God official website


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