Wearing masks, staying indoors, and social distancing are the new norms in this pandemic era that we’re living in. And to help remind everyone to keep social distancing, mangaka Posuka Demizu, the artist behind The Promised Neverland manga, drew a special illustration. It features Ray, Norman, and Emma making sure they are far away from each other. Oh, and they’re also wearing face masks, which are also important.

The image itself is a reference to the manga where Norman became sick. To communicate with him, Emma used a string phone.

The Promised Neverland is just the latest series to help remind everyone to keep social distancing guidelines. BanG Dream promoted new reusable face masks, and they’re giving 10% of the profits to the National Center for Global Health and Medicine. Cells At Work is also quite busy reminding people to stay at home.

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Source: The Promised Neverland staff Twitter Page


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