Final Fantasy Remake is now out, and is still one of the hottest video games out there. And it’s no surprise that the game has even more waifus than the original. Inside Games Japan recently held a poll on which FF7R “heroine” is the most popular. It garnered 2,000 votes in total, and here’s the Top 10 (That #7 though…)

10/9 (Tied) – Scarlet

10/9 (Tied) – Madam M

8 – Betty

7 – Barret

6 – Marlene

5 – Kyrie

4 – Crossdressing Cloud

3 – Jessie

2 – Aerith

1 – Tifa

#1 and #2 are quite unsurprising, but breakout character for the Remake, Jessie, managed to steal the #3 spot over… Trap Cloud. However, the biggest surprise for the poll would be Barret, who took the #7 spot. Yes folks, Barrett is considered a waifu folks!

So, who is your FF7 waifu? Did she… or he make the list? Would you also vote for Barret or Crossdressing Cloud?

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Source: Inside Games


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