You might have heard some rumors that Bandai is making a plastic model kit based on cup ramen. Well… that is true, as they’re turning Nissin’s Cup Noodle brand into an actual kit. It will be a 1:1 life-size scale kit known as “Best Hit Chronicle 1/1 Cup Noodle”. Bandai even released a PV for the kit:

They created a kit by performing a 3D scan of an actual Cup Noodle cup. It also contains other ingredients you could find in any Nissin Cup Noodle, such as dehydrated meat, shrimps, and vegetables. Unfortunately, this kit kinda makes people hungry like a real Cup Noodle, so just remember that these things are inedible, OK?


Bandai will be releasing these kits in Japan on September 18, 2020. But fret not, because some international distributors have also promised to bring them into their home countries as well. Just remember not to actually pour hot water and try to eat them as soon as you finish assembling, yeah?

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source: Nissin Store official Website


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