In the wake of the arrest of the Kyoto Animation arsonist, Shinji Aoba, another man has been arrested. But this time, it’s for threatening Kemono Friends director Tatsuki, as well as a Kemono Friends seiyuu Yui Ishikawa and her family with murder. The identity of the man who sent these threatening messages is Fukuta Kishimoto, a 21-year old resident of Kyoto. Police arrested him on suspicion of intimidation and forcible obstruction of business.

It seems that Kishimoto was also threatening several other staff and cast of the hit anime with murder as well. He has been posting on several message boards that he will stab them and set them on fire. He also has been referencing the KyoAni arson in his threats as well. But one thing about the KyoAni arson is that after that happened, police have been much stricter and more alert since, and have been taking these threats very seriously.

It seems that voice recording for Kemono Friends 2 halted when Yui Ishikawa reported the threat to police. Tatsuki would also file a similar report soon after. The threats of murder were so serious that the staff of Kemono Friends 2 had to halt work as soon as Ishikawa filed the report.

As for the suspect, he would admit to sending the threatening messages. He also admitted to having a grudge against Tatsuki, though he said he had no intentions of hurting him. Many have praised the police for their swift action in the arrest, as they have prevented what would have been another incident like the KyoAni Arson.

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Sources: NHK, Sankei Shimbun


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