Ladies and gentlemen, they’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! The Gintama anime staff have revealed that a new Gintama anime is in the works, and it will be a special. This special will be exclusive to the DTV streaming service in Japan, and it will happen sometime in early 2021.

This new special will tie into the upcoming third Gintama movie, which will also happen in early 2021. The Japanese streaming service is currently streaming every single episode of the Gintama TV anime, along with the two previous movies. It is also streaming the live-action movies, as well as their drama spin-offs.

They announced the third movie with the release of the manga’s 77th volume tankoubon release. Not much information about the movie’s plot, staff, and cast have been revealed yet. But since this is Gintama, expect lots of trolling along the way…

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