Psyduck most certainly is one of the most popular Pokemon out there. The lovable water Pokemon with a constant headache certainly got many of its moments from the anime, and has been a fan-favourite for decades. And now, the Pokemon Center is releasing a life-size plushie of it!

The life-size plush doll measures in at 80cm in height, and has a weight of 4Kg! It’s certainly bigger than a normal plushie, folks! Pokemon Center will release them in October 2020, though pre-orders are now already sold out online… unfortunately.

These life-sized plush dolls also come with a hefty price tag too! Each one costs around 30,800 yen, so it might get your wallet its own headache. Unfortunately, it won’t evolve into a Golduck either, but Psyducks are great companion Pokemon that are loyal, quirky, and funny!Psyayayay!

Hopefully, Pokemon Centers around the world will also get to sell them in their physical stores soon…

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source: Pokemon Center Online


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