The Pokemon Company is releasing a new animated short web show titled POKETOONS. This new series is inspired by Bugs Bunny and the Loony Tunes, and it even has a Loony Tunes-inspired feel. And now, the Pokemon Kids TV YouTube channel is streaming the very first episode,  “POKETOON: Scraggy and Mimikyu.”


The first episode is a classic cartoon slapstick that doesn’t need subtitles, as actions speak louder than words. It features a Scraggy trying to follow a trail of beans… until it accidentally get inside a train only to find a Mimikyu. Taku Inoue directed the episode.

But that’s not all folks! The Pokemon YouTube Channel is also offering free episodes of Pokemon: Twilight Wings! In fact, the fifth episode, titled “Assistant,” is now available to watch for free online:

The episode was delayed due to COVID-19, but is now back as Japan slowly lifted its state of emergency. The episode follows Oleana.

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