Delayed anime are slowly coming back. And after promising a big announcement on June 11, the staff of Re:Zero have finally revealed a new video. This new PV has announced new details about the second season of Re:Zero, including the fact that it will be a split-cour anime. The first cour premieres on July 8, while the second cour premieres January 2021. Here’s the new video:

The video also previews its new OP theme song, “Realize” by Konomi Suzuki.Meanwhile, nonoc is performing the ED theme song, “Memento”.  And aside from the new PV and release date reveal, they also released a brand new key visual for the upcoming new season as well:

The second season will pick up where the previous season and OVA left off.

Well, with things slowly returning back in Japan, expect more anime titles to follow suit. Now let’s keep our fingers crossed that the virus would be further contained, not just in Japan, but the rest of the world.

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