Well, it’s election season in Japan once again, and several wacky candidates have already come out of the wood work. One of them is a perennial candidate named Teruki Gotou. He is a musician who is noted to always run for Tokyo Governor and using some wacky ways to get votes. This includes 2016’s elections where he posed naked while holding a katana over his head for a poster. He hasn’t won yet though. And for this year, he’s trying something different… by cosplaying Lelouch from Code Geass…

In his YouTube channel, he posted a new campaign video where he channels Lelouch Vi Brittannia himself. In the video, he uses his “Geass” to command viewers to vote for him. As for the video itself, he admits he filmed it around two years ago, when buzz for the return of Code Geass was making its rounds. He also admitted that he has seen the film version of Code Geass several times already.

Well… he certainly knows how to grab attention, huh? Japanese elections have boards dedicated for candidates to place their campaign posters, and you’d really know he stands out. Mainly because he’s cosplaying one of the most over-the-top anime characters ever, but yeah, he really stands out…

The race for the Tokyo governorship will happen on July 5, 2020.

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Source: ANN, images via @keisukeota_gifu and @XiCn0PmzZd1hdha


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