Utada Hikaru is a Japanese music icon, but she’s also Japanese-American. And with all the Black Lives Matter protests happening and demands for Police Reform, Hikki finally speaks out. The legendary singer took to Twitter to talk about what’s happening in her other home country.


In her tweet, Hikki says that racism might not be a big issue for Japanese people, but what’s happening in the United States is a historic breakthrough. She explains that she hopes it will be recorded in history books in the future.

In another tweet, she wrote:

“The racism against black people that occurs in the United States is not a simple matter of thinking of people as different races and holding discriminatory thoughts about them. It is a problem that has deep roots in the government and society. I hope people who don’t know much about black history and the current state of affairs, or who only know a little about them, will take this as an opportunity to learn more.”

Unfortunately, a few commented that racism does not exist in Japan. Unfortunately, this is untrue as Zainichi Koreans, Japanese of Chinese descent, and other foreigners are looked down upon by many in the Japanese far right.


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