The World Cosplay Summit was supposed to happen in Nagoya, Japan from August 1-2, 2020. Unfortunately, due to “multiple aspects,” the event’s organizers have announced that they’re cancelling this year’s event. They even posted an official statement on the cancellation online:

Thank you very much for your customary support for the World Cosplay Summit.

As a result of a careful consideration of the multiple aspects that might affect the celebration of the “World Cosplay Summit 2020” up to this point, we have taken the decision to cancel the celebration of the “World Cosplay Summit 2020” as it was planned to be carried out in venues including “Oasis 21”. We are extremely sorry to have to make this announcement, and request the kind understanding of all the participants that were eagerly awaiting the celebration of the event.


However, there are so many cosplayers, photographer, local citizens and institutions as well as sponsors that have kept supporting the World Cosplay Summit, and thinking of what we could now do to keep this flame alive so we can all meet again in a great event next year, we have decided to change the format of the event and hold the “World Cosplay Summit 2020 Online” on 1 August (Sat) and 2 August (Sun) 2020.


The details will be revealed at the “World Cosplay Summit 2020 Online Special Presentation” taking place at 19:00 on 1 July (Wed). ​ 


Even if it has to be an online event, or precisely because it has to be an online event, we believe that it has an enormous potential to spread a positive message.


“Healing Japan and the world from Nagoya” We are intending to undertake the challenge of a project that makes the world come together and cooperate as one in the creation of new values. Therefore, we would appreciate that you placed your highest expectations on the “World Cosplay Summit 2020 Online”.

But while the physical event is cancelled, the organizers have instead announced that an online event will be happening instead. It will still happen from August 1-2, 2020, and will stream worldwide. Expect them to announce more details on the streaming schedule on July 1st, as revealed in the statement.

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Source: World Cosplay Summit officlal website


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