Tadahiro Miura’s Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs manga is arguably one of Weekly Shounen Jump magazine’s most infamous harem titles. And that is saying a lot since the magazine also featured To Love Ru and Nisekoi. And this year’s 26th issue has announced that they will have an “important announcement” within the next issue. The issue will be released on June 8, 2020.

Aside from that special announcement, the Jump issue also announced that the series will enter its climax on the next issue as well. There is still no news on when the manga will end exactly though, as climaxes last several chapters. In famous ones such as Gintama (also a Jump manga) would have climaxes that would last for over a year.

The manga received a Summer 2018 TV anime adaptation. Netflix is now streaming the anime right here in Southeast Asia, and here’s how they describe its story:

A homeless high school psychic attempts to exorcise a beautiful ghost haunting a now defunct hot springs resort in hopes of scoring free rent.

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Source: Anime News Network


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