To many mangaka, getting a TV anime may be a huge boost for their work. Unfortunately, sometimes, studios tend to take too much liberties in adapting that it angers the very creators of those work. Case in point is Ahiru no Sora. Its mangaka, Takeshi Hinata, doesn’t seem to be fond of his work’s anime adaptation.

Hinata quoted a tweet by the anime’s official Twitter Page and said to them “You’re the Worst”. The anime Twitter Account then deleted the the tweet, prompting the mangaka to post a screenshot of the now-deleted tweet. He said that if they’re gonna run away, then they should not have posted the image in the first place.

The tweet in question features character Hyou Fuwa from Yokohama Taiei High School. Commentators have pointed out that the glint in his eyes remind them of Kuroko’s Basketball, and many fans are not very happy with the comparison.

In another tweet, Hinata criticized the anime adaptation once again. There, he admitted that he thinks the anime’s direction is terrible and he even said that “doesn’t look like my manga”. He then apologised to both the manga readers, as well as those watching the anime if he has caused any discomfort. Though it really is safe to say that he’s really not happy with the anime right now.

Ahiru no Sora follows a rather short guard named Sora Kurumatani, who doesn’t get much playtime due to his height. However, as he begins high school, he shows how good he really is. The anime is currently streaming via Netflix here in Southeast Asia.

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Source: Takeshi Hinata’s Twitter Page


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