For the first time ever, a life-size Gundam will be standing tall outside of Japan. Sunrise has announced that a life-size model of the Freedom Gundam from Gundam SEED will be erected in Shanghai, China. They announced it during the Gundam G Meeting 2020 livestream event, which was also part of the Gundam China Project.

This new life-size Gundam statue will measure in at around 18.03 metres in height. Though aside from the plans, not much is still known about this new project for now.

The decision to use the Freedom Gundam as the Gundam to go up in China has raised a lot of eyebrows though. Fans online have pointed out that while the Freedom Gundam is going up in China, the country itself has been suppressing the freedoms of its own people, from the clamping down of the Hong Kong protests to the treatment of Uighurs.

As for the life-size moving RX-78-2 Gundam, its construction is already ongoing in Yokohama. Sunrise was planning to unveil the moving Gundam, but the COVID-19 global pandemic forced its builders to delay its construction.

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