Just in case you missed it, seiyuu and singer Nana Mizuki is now married! She married her long-time boyfriend who is also in the music industry. While friends all over the anime and music industries sent their well wishes and congratulations, fans had some mixed reactions. Sure, there were those who were genuinely happy for the seiyuu, who is turning 40 this year.

However, many fans were in shock with her announcement. Many even sold off their beloved Nana Mizuki merchandise after she announced her marriage. In fact, used anime merchandise stores like K-Books have reported that they’ve suddenly gotten a lot of Nana Mizuki merch…

Yes, people are now selling off their Nana Mizuki memorabilia in secondhand merchandise stores. And it doesn’t just include the usual items like CD albums, DVDs, towels, apparel, and the like, but also the rare and limited edition items. These include the now out-of-production limited-edition Nana Mizuki Reebok shoes!

K-Books Akihabara, which made those tweets above, has even set up their own Nana Mizuki corner in their store after the surge of people selling their Nana Mizuki items. The store did not reveal the reason for the sudden surge of her memorabilia, but it looks like fans were really shaken by the seiyuu/singer’s marriage announcement…

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Source: Sora news 24


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