The legend is back! Tetsuya Chiba, who gave us all the iconic boxing manga, Ashita no Joe, has returned to draw manga as part of the MANGA Day to Day shorts. The mangaka drew a short story about the COVID-19 pandemic, and MANGA Day to Day’s Twitter Page has released it online. Weekly Morning magazine will also be publishing the short manga on print as well.

The short manga’s title is Akudama, which pretty much describes the current situation in Japan due to the pandemic. It follows the mangaka himself as he goes through the “New Normal”. He ends it by drawing the Japanese mermaid yokai, Amabie, which offers protections from disease.

Weekly Morning Magazine will be releasing the short with its next issue on July 22nd. This also marks Chiba’s return to the magazine in 37 years.

Chiba worked with Asao Takamori for Ashita no Joe. The legendary mangaka is also responsible for many other manga titles, including Harris no Kaze, Kaze no You Ni, and Ashita Tenki ni Naare.

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