A year after the tragic events unfolded over at Kyoto Animation’s Studio-1 building, police are still taking threats to companies and famous personalities very seriously. The latest is when Tokyo police arrested a 44-year-old in Tokyo’s Otsuka district. The man allegedly issued death threats to publishing company, Kodansha, which is responsible for publishing various popular manga and novels.

According to the suspect’s own deposition, he sent all those threats to Kodansha and posted them online after the publishing company kept rejecting his novel submissions in the first round of screenings. He would then admit that he never intended to carry out these threats. However, since the arson attack at Kyoto Animation, which killed 36 people and injured many others, police have been taking these sort of online threats very seriously.

The suspect himself is a resident of Okinawa, and his Twitter threats to Kodansha have been disturbing to say the least. He allegedly tweeted about going to the editorial department ro tear them apart and riddle them with holes, as well as threatening to stab the entire editorial department. The suspect also threatened to smash the department employee’s heads with a hammer, as well as chop them up with a cleaver. He tweeted these threats last May, and the company would notify the police shortly after, on the same month.

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Source: Sankei News


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