Is the order a rabbit? is returning with a third season titled Is the order a rabbit? BLOOM. And now, the anime’s official website has finally updated to reveal a brand new key visual. It features the main characters inside the Rabbit House Cafe.

The website also confirmed the anime’s October 2020 premiere, as well as announced the theme songs and their performers. Petit Rabbit’s (Ayane Sakura, Inori Minase, Risa Taneda, Satomi Satou, and Maaya Uchida), the anime’s own seiyuu unit, will perform the OP song, Tenkuu Cafeteria. Meanwhile, the anime’s other seiyuu unit, Chimame-tai (Inori Minase, Sora Tokui, and Rie Murakawa) is performing the ED song, “Nakayoshi! Maru! Nakayoshi!”.

Encourage Films will be animating this new season, with Hiroyuki Hashimoto returning as director. Much of the otyher staff members will also return, including character designer Yousuke Okuda and scriptwriter Kazuyuki Fudeyasu. Much of the cast are returning for the third season as well.

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source: Is the Order a Rabbit? official website


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