Fan artist Nekodason posted a tweet saying that the Princess Connect! Re:Dive mobile RPG has copied an artwork that they made. It seems that the Cygames RPG “traced” one of Nekodason’s artworks for use in its main story. The artist even posted a comparison with their work and the game’s art:

In response to this, Princess Connect! Re:Dive actually issued an apology for the plagiarized artwork. The tweet acknowledged that Nekodason’s illustration does have a “strong resemblance” to Nekodason’s artwork. It then apologised to the artist for the inconvenience and promised to improve so that something like this would never happen again.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive serves as a direct sequel to Cygames’ Princess Connect mobile game. It launched back in early 2018 and has even inspired a TV anime adaptation, which is currently ongoing.

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