The official website  for Revue Starlight has announced that their “Ensoku no Revue” fan events are postponed. They explained that this was due to “various circumstances,” and are refunding tickets already. These events were supposed to happen in Osaka on July 25, and then in Tokyo on July 26, with various seiyuu appearing. However, the Osaka event’s staff have confirmed via their official website that they also received a threatening email. It stated that there will be a “murder-arson” attack during the Osaka performance.

The email specifically stated the attack will happen at the Sarada Hall, which is where Revue Starlight is holding the Osaka event. Because of this, city officials revoked the event’s license and closed Sarada Hall for July 25th. Police are now taking extra precautions around the venue. As for the event itself, seiyuu Suzuko Mimori, Momoyo Koyama, and Ayasa Itou were scheduled to attend the now-postponed event in Osaka.

The event staff will announce a new release date soon.

A year after the tragic events unfolded over at Kyoto Animation’s Studio-1 building, which killed 36 people and injured many others, police are still taking threats to companies and famous personalities very seriously.

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source: Revue Starlight official website


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