The Seven Deadly Sins manga may have already ended last March, but it looks like Nakaba Suzuki’s hit shounen series is getting a special comeback. Weekly Shounen Magazine’s official website has announced that combined 36th and 37th issue will contain a special one-shot chapter for the series, and Nakaba Suzuki himself is working on that manga. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

This new one-shot will take place after the events of the manga, and it will follow Ban’s son, Ban Jr. Lancelot. It will debut inside Shounen Magazine’s combined 36th and 37th issue on August 5, 2020.

As for the anime, Netflix is now streaming the series’ first three seasons. A new season titled The Seven Deadly Sins: Anger’s Judgment was scheduled to premiere last October. However, the COVID-19 pandemic’s outbreak in Japan has delayed its release. Expect the staff to announce a new release window in the days to come.

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Source: Weekly Shounen Magazine Official Website


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