After getting a Lone Wolf & Cub-inspired animated short from Studio DEEN, Rick and Morty has gotten a new Japanese-animated short story. Its title is “Rick and Morty vs. Genocider”, and Telecom Animation animated it, with Tower of God director Takashi Sano at the helm. Sano also served as the anime’s storyboard director and key animator as well. Adult Swim’s YouTube channel is now streaming the anime short:

The short aired via Toonami as part of the Toonami panel during their Adult Swim Con digital event. Youhei Tadano voices Rick in the video, while Keisuke Chiba voices Morty. Both seiyuu are reprising their roles from the show’s Japanese dubbed version. Manabu Muraji pulled triple duty for the short, as the seiyuu voiced Jerry, AI Driver, and Hologram Transvestite. Meanwhile, Yuki Minami voiced Hologram Girl.

Adult Swim is now also streaming Studio DEEN’s own Rick and Morty anime short, “Samurai & Shogun”. You can check it out through this link:

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Source: Toonami


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