The Twitter Page for renowned manga cafe, Media Cafe POPEYE, has revealed several upcoming manga which are arriving in their various branches. One of them is a copy of BEASTARS Vol. 20, and its wrap-around jacket has an important announcement. It states that the second season will premiere on January 2021.

The manga’s announcement comes after mangaka Paru Itagaki revealed via Netflix that the second season will also stream in the service. So furries with a Netflix account, rejoice! Itagaki also confirmed that the anime itself is now in production, so furries really have something to look forward to next year. Orange studio, which produced the anime, replied to NX and confirmed that they are still in production of the anime right now.

Beastars Season 2 will also have a TV broadcast via Fuji TV’s +Ultra block in 2021 as well. Orange also animated the first season, with Shinichi Matsumi directing it. Expect the staff to reveal more details about the anime’s upcoming second season in the days to come.

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