Satoshi Wagahara’s The Devil Is a Part-Timer! light novel series has finally reached its much-awaited conclusion. And it is quite safe to say that the story took quite the surprising turn. Now, we’re not gonna spoil what happens, but it seems that fans weren’t happy with who Sadao ended up with.

After reading (or hearing about the ending from various spoilers in the internet), a lot of readers voiced their displeasure at how the story ended up. While many just voiced how disappointed they are, many were a little bit more serious to the point of death threats. Facebook user Kazami Keitaro compiled a few of these disappointed tweets.

And that’s not all, because one reader actually destroyed his own collection of The Devil is a Part-timer! light novels right after the ending. Talk about being disappointed. But alas, many did not condone these actions, especially the death threats that author Satoshi Wagahara is receiving right now. And given recent events, such as the KyoAni arson fire, police are now taking threats such as these very seriously, and these people might land in legal trouble should the author choose to take action… or one of them does the dumb thing and actually try to seriously do it. Hopefully, nobody is serious, as they might land in jail just because of a frivolous Tweet.

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source: Kazami Keitaro


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