The Japanese government has been shutting down illegal anime sites these days at a very fast pace. Earlier this month, they have shut down one of the biggest anime pirate sites out there in KissAnime, as well as KissManga. Now, with the absence of such a popular anime site, where would people watch their anime? Well, there’s the legal option of watching it on Cable TV with Aniplus and Animax, as well as legal YouTube channels like Muse Asia and And now, several animation studios are coming together to form their own YouTube channel. It is called AnimeLog.

Toei Animation, Kodansha, Nippon Animation, Tezuka Productions, Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions, and Shinei Animation were the ones which teamed up for this new YouTube channel. It promises some very big anime titles with the purpose of having to “post free content for fans to watch with official subtitles so they aren’t forced to torrent episodes”. It aims to release over 3,000 anime titles by 2022, and the best part is it’s all free.

And the channel does promise a lot of titles to come. From the video above, it looks like they will include Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Fate/Zero, and many other titles. They also promise plenty of classic anime, such as Astro Boy and Black  Jack as well! So  yes, no more “I cannot afford to pay for Netflix or other streaming services or cable” excuses.

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source: AnimeLog YouTube Channel


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