After closing down temporarily for COVID-19 concerns, the Ghibli Museum is now officially returning! In fact, the museum’s official website has announced that the general re-opening will happen in September 2020. They will also open general ticket purchases on August 25 as well.

The Ghibli museum actually opened on a limited capacity back in July. However, they only opened ticket purchases to Mitaka City residents, and they were only available in limited random lotteries. They will be implementing this method until the end of August before doing the planned general opening in September.

However, with COVID-19 concerns still going strong in Japan, the museum is still limiting the number of visitors who can enter. Operating hours will also be limited as well, all to help slow down or prevent the spread of COVID-19. They closed their doors back in February at the start of the pandemic’s spread in Japan.

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Source: Ghibli Museum official website


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