Well, it looks like something impossible will be happening soon. The 35th of Weekly Shounen Jump magazine featured an ad for the upcoming 10th issue of One Piece Magazine. And according to that advertisement, Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga is “headed toward the upcoming final arc”. Unfortunately, they did not give any further details on this. However, it did mention that the One Piece Magazine issue will have the theme of “rereading  the manga” in order to “prepare for the climax.”

Last year, in an interview with YouTuber group, Fischer’s, Oda explained that he planned to end the manga “in 5 years”. Back in January 2019, Oda also proclaimed in an interview that One Piece’s ending is “near”.

Oda also said in 2016 that the manga is about 65% done.  He also previously said that the manga will have just over 100 volumes. As for it entering the “final arc,” it is no indication on when a manga will exactly end. Sometimes, final arcs only last a couple of volumes, while others, especially long-running shounen manga like One Piece, often last for several years. So yeah, he may be on track on that five-year promise he made last year.

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Source: ANN


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