Japanese viral song performer Pikotaro has made a name for himself thanks to the song PPAP (Pen pineapple Apple Pen). His video has become one of the most viewed in YouTube, and it looks like he is finally back. But this time, it looks like he is bringing a friend, and it’s none other than the iconic electric mouse Pokemon itself, Pikachu!

This new song will be titled “PIKA to PIKO”, or “Pika and Piko. They will release it on the final day of the Pokemon Virtual Fest event, which is happening on August 31, 2020 via the official Pikotaro YouTube channel. And yes, Pikachu is indeed also going to sport the comedian’s iconic sunglasses and scarf.

In a statement to Comic Natalie, Pikotaro said that he hopes that children and adults alike would be able to enjoy the song. He even added that he also hopes that famous people like Justin bieber and Ed Sheeran would be able to listen to his latest song.

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Source: Comic Natalie


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