COVID-19 has certainly affected Re:Zero, delaying its second season by three whole months. But with the help of Chara-Ani, they’re fighting back! In fact, they’re releasing four new Re:Zero face masks to help you stop the spread of the deadly pandemic that has already killed thousands around the world. They come in four designs featuring either Emilia, Rem, Ram, or Echidna. Sorry folks, Subaru’s mom ain’t here.

Each one comes with a 2,200 yen price tag, and pre-orders are now open via Chara-Ani’s official website. These are just cloth masks and are not medical grade though, but they are sufficient to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Chara-Ani will release them in December 2020.

As for the anime, its second season is now being broadcast in Japan. And yes, it is still one of the hottest and most talked about anime of the season.

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Source: Re:Zero official Twitter Page


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