Blizzard has now launched their new Scholomance Academy expansion for Hearthstone. And now, Blizzard Entertainment is hosting a SEA showmatch this weekend with six teams from Southeast Asia. Teams from Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam, all compete for the title of champion, and it will have a total prize pool of US$2,000.

The Hearthstone Scholomance Academy SEA showmatch will take place this weekend on August 22 and August 23. Well known and popular pro Hearthstone players from Hearthstone Grandmasters APAC and 2019 SEA Games will all be competing in this showmatch. Participants include “Bankyugi” from Thailand (2020 Hearthstone Grandmaster Season 2 APAC player), “Iambyseries” from Singapore (2019 Hearthstone Global Games Singapore representative), “Joth” from Indonesia (2018 Asian Games Hearthstone silver medalist), “PhatLH” from Vietnam (2019 SEA Games Hearthstone Vietnam team representative), “Staz” from Philippines (2020 Hearthstone Grandmaster Season 1 APAC player), and “wkyew90” from Malaysia (2019 SEA Games Hearthstone gold medalist).

The two-day tournament will feature a team-based, round robin with Conquest format. Top two teams with highest winning record will advance to the finals and determine which team will take home the champion title and USD$2,000 prize money. With Scholomance Academy expansion entering its third week, new mechanics and new dual-class cards will continue to evolve and introduce new deck and playstyle. This will challenge each team to best use their collective intelligence into deckbuilding strategy and outwit their opponents. Players can expect to see some interesting decks and thrilling matches within the two-day tournament.

There will be a live broadcast on Hearthstone Southeast Asia’s English channel and Thai channel starting 11 a.m. (GMT+8) this Saturday and Sunday! Here’s the schedule of matches:

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