Baki fans, rejoice, because Netflix is making another new Baki anime! TMS announced that they will be adapting Keisuke Itagaki’s Hanma Baki – Son of Ogre manga, with Netflix to stream this anime exclusively once again. This will be the third Netflix Baki series, and will also serve as the sequel to the Baki: Dai Raitaisai-hen series.

In this third series, Baki will be facing his biggest challenge yet, which is his own father, Yuujitou Hanma, also known as the Ogre. He is so strong that many have dubbed him as the “strongest living being on Earth,” and Baki must face him head on.

As for the first two seasons of the Netflix anime, the global streaming service is now streaming them globally. Expect the staff to reveal more details about this third web anime series in the days to come.

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Source: MoCa News


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