Much like what they did for AQOURS in Love Live! Sunshine!!, the Love Live! franchise also held a vote for fans to decide what the group name for the school idol group for Love Live! Superstar!! will be. Fans sent in their suggestions and had 16 names to choose from. And now, the votes are in, and they have decided that the idol group’s name will be “Liella”.

A fan called “Tora-san” submitted the name, and it looks like many others agreed that it was a good name for the group. It combines two French words tohether. They are “Lier” which means to connect, and “brilliante” which of cource means brilliance. “Tora-san” used “Lier” because of the in-story name of their school is Yuigaoka Girls Academy, and its kanji for “yui” also means to connect.

The members of the group includes (from left to right in the image above) Chisato Arashi, Sumire Heanna, Kanon Shibuya, Tang Keke, and Ren Hazuki. Once again, the new anime credits Hajime Yatate, the collective pseudonym for the staff of Sunrise, for the original work, while Sakurako Kimino is the one behind the original concept. And that’s not all, because Takahiko Kyougoku is also returning from the original anime as director. The project is tentatively dubbed as the well… “New Project”. And yes, the main girl also has orange hair and is pretty much another Honoka clone…

Love Live! Superstar will be a different project from the upcoming anime featuring the Nijigasaki Academy School Idol Appreciation Club. The Love Live! franchise first introduced the Nijigasaki Academy School Idol Appreciation Club as part of “Perfect Dream Project” (PDP) for the Love Live! School Idol Festival smartphone game. And much like µ’s and AQOURS before it, the school idol group also has nine members. They would be the third Love Live! group to get an anime, with this new upcoming one being the fourth.

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