Yes folks, we’re getting a new isekai anime…. again. This time, this new anime will be adapting Yuka Tachibana’s Seijo no Maryoku wa Bennou Desu light novels, also known as The Power of the Saint is All Around. They also released a new teaser visual by the light novel’s own illustrator, Yasuyuki Syuri, to celebrate the new anime.

The light novels’ story follows overworked office lady Sei Takanashi. After a particularly hard overtime shift, the haggard Sei finds herself transported into an isekai world. Unfortunately, seeing how haggard she is, the one who summoned her rejects her, saying she can’t be the saint that they summon. However, the ever-hardworking former office lady decides to make best of her situation and joins a magical institute. There, she shows how good she is and rumours that she is the “Saint” begin to spread. Unfortunately, she continues denying that she’s the so-called “Saint”.

Not much is known about this new isekai anime yet. Currently, we still don’t know if they’re adapting the light novels for TV, for a theatrical release, as an OVA, or a net anime. They still also have not announced its staff and cast yet  either. But do expect them to reveal more details in the days to come.

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source: Kadokawa


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