Well, it looks like one of the most popular manga with no anime adaptation is finally getting one! Japanese manga news website Comic Natalie has revealed that Daisuke Hagiwara’s Horimiya manga is finally getting a much-awaited TV anime adaptation, It also revealed that it will premiere sometime in January 2021.  They also revealed a key visual for this upcoming anime as well:

They also revealed the cast and staff members, with Masashi Ishihama at the helm of the project as director. CloverWorks will be animating the series, with Takao Yoshioka doing series composition, and Haruko Iizuka handling character designs. As for the cast, Haruka Tomatsu is voicing Kyoko Hori, while Kouki Uchiyama is voicing Izumi Miyamura.

The manga follows popular girl Hori, who finds out somethimg interesting about the gloomy boy in her class named Miyamura. It turns out that outside the classroom, he is quite different. He also has plenty of piercings and tattoos, and is quite the bad boy. And together, they somehow get along quite fine, as they continue their school life.

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source: Comic Natalie


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