The anime adaptation of Sword Art Online’s longest arc, Alicization, has finally ended with its final episode. However, as it ended, it announced that the Sword Art Online: Progressive light novels are getting an anime adaptation as well. They even revealed a brand new PV for the upcoming anime as well:

Creator Reki Kawahara himself wrote the light novels, and it features a better look at what happened over at Aincrad when the Sword Art Online incident happened. It expands the Aincrad storyline, which many fans found to be too short and had a lot of wasted potential. Here is the new anime’s key visual:

The staff have also opened a brand new official website for this new anime. Unfortunately, we still don’t have much details on Sword Art Online: progressive just yet. Expect them to reveal more information about this  new anime soon enough though, so stay tuned.

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Source: SAO Anime official Twitter Page


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