In 2002, Square Enix and Disney changed the gaming world by unexpectedly teaming up and giving us Kingdom Hearts. Now, 18 years on, the franchise is still going very strong with the release of Kingdom Hearts 3. And recently, creator and designer Tetsuya Nomura sat down with Famitsu for a special interview, talking about the franchise. There, Famitsu asked him what was next for the franchise. To this, Nomura said that 2022 will be the franchise’s 20th anniversary, and said that they’re already planning something.

He says that he is switching his attention to the next work, and his Kingdom Hearts team is already working on something new. Unfortunately, he did not elaborate what this new project would be. I guess we would have to wait and see what this 20th anniversary project really is. And to this, Nomura promised that the future will indeed be full of surprises.

Nomura also talked about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory rhythm game. He saus that the main team who are working on the main series helped out in making the game. Here’s the trailer:

So, what do you guys think this new 20th anniversary project will be? Only time will tell.

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source: Famitsu via Kotaku


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