Are you ready for more horce girls who are idols but also have to race each other in order to perform? Yes folks, Uma Musume: Pretty Derby is getting a second season! They announced it during the Poka Live TV Vol. 1 program where they revealed a brand new PV:

According to the announcement, this second season will begin its broadcast in 2021. Unfortunately, they did not reveal any further details yet. However, they did also release a new key visual for the upcoming new series:

The anime features anthropomorphic horse girl versions of real-life race horses. Cygames, The first season followed the anthropomorphic version of a horse named Special Week as she tried to become a top racer, as well as an idol. Toho Animation, and Lantis co-produced the first season, with P.A. Works handling the animation production.

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Source: Uma Musume anime official Twitter Page


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