Zombie Land Saga has done a lot for Saga Prefecture’s tourism, as it promoted many areas for fans. Of course, the most popular and iconic is the former Mitsubishi Goushi Kaisha Karatsu Branch Honkan, which served as the home for the zombie girls in the anime. Fans from all over Japan and the world have been flocking the building ever since they discovered the anime used it as inspiration. Unfortunately, a huge typhoon recently hit Japan, and it damaged part of the building.

According to the Saga Shimbun, the house’s roof was damaged, and many of its glass windows were cracked by Typhoon No. 10. Unfortunately, that’s not all it damaged, as it has wreaked havoc in the entire prefecture. It has already caused one fatality, and injured 96 people. Around 43,000 homes in the Kyushu region also have no  power thanks to this typhoon.

Zombie Land Saga has done much for Saga’s tourism. A second season for the anime will be coming soon, and its title is Zombie Land Saga Revenge. Expect the staff to reveal more details about it in the days to come. And hopefully, they will have the building fixed up by the time it will air.

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source: Saga Shimbun


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