The musical duo of ClariS have been quite secretive when it comes to their identities. They have been presenting themselves either as illustrations, or hiding behind curtains and masks whenever they perform live. However, during their “ClariS 10th Anniversary Precious LIVE~ Gift ~” online concert, Clara and Karen came out without any masks on, and they are not hiding behind any curtain either. In fact, both of them showed everyone their actual faces:

The concert celebrated the 10th anniversary of ClariS, back when the duo still presented themselves as illustrations and were still made up of Clara and Alice. The latter left the duo to concentrate on her studies in 2014, and Karen would then replace her. The duo previously unmasked in 2017 in a concert in Yokohama. However, there were no images of them unmasking.

The duo is best known for performing various AniSongs. The anime they performed theme songs for include Madoka Magica, OreImo, Eromanga Sensei, Cells At Work, and many more.

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Source: Crunchyroll


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