Lost in a dungeon somewhere? Or maybe just lost in a place you’re unfamiliar with? Well, GPS Navigator apps are quite helpful, but one will have Danmachi’s lovable goddess, Hestia, be the voice guiding you. In a new collaboration between Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? III, navigation app MAPLUS will feature a divine new Hestia voice pack to guide fans when they need direction.

Inori Minase, who voices the goddess in the anime, as well as various other media, is reprising her role for the app. In fact, she will be treating users as new members of her familia when she gives them directions through the app. Here is a sample of what MAPLUS has instore for users when they choose Hestia as their guide:

Fans can now download the Hestia Voicepack, but they need to get the MAPLUS app first. But don’t worry, because the app is now for free via the Japanese app store and Google Play store. It is available for both iOS and Andreoid platforms, but there are in-app purchases. In addition to Hestia, the navigation app also features voice packs for Shirobako, Psycho-Pass, Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!, and more.

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Source: Moca News


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