The official Twitter Page for Weekly Shounen Jump magazine’s editorial staff has some bad news for One Piece fans. It seems that mangaka and creator Eiichiro Oda has suffered a “Sudden Illness” and poor health. This has forced him  to take a break and rest his body, which also means One Piece has to go on hiatus for a while.

But don’t worry though, because the Jump editorial staff promised that he will be back very soon. In fact, they’ve already scheduled his return, which will be on October 17, inside the pages of Weekly Shounen Jump issue #47.

Oda has placed social distancing measures in his workplace, where he draws One Piece. This has led to several delays in the manga, but it has kept him and his staff relatively safe from the pandemic. Unfortunately, the Jump staff did not reveal what his illness is, but given the near return time, it might not be the dreaded COVID-19 disease. Knowing Oda, it might just be overwork, as the mangaka is known just to sleep two hours a day. Get well soon Oda-sensei!

Unfortunately, they did not reveal any further details, such as release window yet. Expect the staff to reveal more details in the days to come.

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source: Weekly Shounen Jump magazine’s editorial staff 


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