An official website has now launched, revealing that CLAMP’s Tokyo Babylon manga is getting a TV anime adaptation. The studio behind the K anime series, GoHands, will be adapting the renowned mangaka group’s latest manga to get an anime. Its title will be Tokyo Babylon 2021, and its setting will be in Tokyo in 2021. And yes, it will premiere in 2021 as well.

The official website says that the anime is a “Save For Tokyo City Story”. However, the manga did get an English release via Dark Horse Comics. Here’s how they describe its story:

It’s 1991, the last days of Japan’s bubble economy, and money and elegance run through the streets. So do the currents of darkness beneath them, nourishing evil spirits that only the arts of the onmyoji – Japan’s legendary occultists – can combat. The two most powerful onmyoji are in the unlikely guises of a handsome young veterinarian, Seishiro, and the teenage heir to the ancient Sumeragi clan, Subaru.

Basically, the new TV anime will be a more modern version of the manga, set in 2021 instead of the 90’s, as the original manga ran from 1991 – 1993. This won’t be the first time the series is getting an anime adaptation either, as it previously got a 2-part OVA. The first one debuted in 1992, and the second one got its release in 1994.

Expect the staff to reveal more information about the anime in the days to come.

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source: Tokyo Babylon 2021 official website


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