So-ma-to’s Shadows House manga revealed that its upcoming Volume 6 Tankoubon release will have a special jacket. Of course, this wrap-around jacket comes with a special announcement, revealing that the series is getting its own TV anime adaptation!

There’s not much news on the anime just yet, but the 48th issue of Weekly Young Jump magazine will be releasing a new teaser visual. It will be released on October 29, 2020. However, they did launch an official website for the anime already. As for the creators, So-ma-to is a 2-person mangaka team. They also recently celebrated the new anime’s announcement by releasing a GIF on twitter:

The anime will follow a mysterious family living in a Western-style mansion. They’re actually a faceless family of shadows who live with doll attendants who often serve as their faces. It will follow their daily lives and unravels the mysteries of this shadowy and faceless family.

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Source: Shadow House manga Twitter Page


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