Pantyshots are quite common in anime as a way to have people more interested in a series or as a fanservice. However, don’t expect  that to happen in Wandering Witch! The anime adapts Jougi Shiraishi’s Wandering Witch – The Journey of Elaina light novel series, and the author specifically told the anime’s staff to keep it wholesome.

In an interview with Newtype Magazine, Shiraishi told the staff that he only had one request, and that was absolutely not to show any underwear. He explained that he wanted a wider audience to see the anime and did not want to limit its appeal. The aithor also stated that this was his only big request from the anime’s staff, as he was already quite nervous in meeting them. He also said that he is quite satisfied with concept designer Kazumasa Nishio’s work, as well as the anime’s seiyuu. Shiraishi also added that he has already seen comments from international audiences, and admitted that he hopes the anime will resonate overseas. The director admitted that he is quite fond of foreign dramas, especially British ones.

And speaking of the anime’s international release, Muse Asia is already streaming Wandering Witch’s first episode! Fans can now watch it for free via their official YouTube channel, so check it out:

Here’s how Muse Asia describes the anime’s first episode:

Elaina reads “The Adventures of Nikeh”, embracing the dream of becoming a witch and going on a journey. Passing the test and despite just having to be accepted as a disciple by another witch to become fully fledged, every witch turned her away at the door. Finally, she requests for a dubious “Stardust Witch” to take her as her disciple.

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source: Web Newtype


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