Whenever a big anime movie screens here in Southeast Asia, there is always the chance of some idiot trying to take a clip of the movie or a photo and posting it online. That act is of course, illegal, and has placed countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines in hot water. And as Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Train is about to premiere here in Singapore, and would later premiere in other Southeast Asian countries, movie distributor Odex Private Ltd. has posted on Facebook to remind everyone not to record anything.

Odex released a statement regarding the issue:

Dear all,
Tomorrow and the day after (7 & 8 Nov) is the Fan’s Screening for Demon Slayer movie in Singapore.
Please do not use your phones to take any video clips or photos of this film.
You may be excited and want to share some of the movie clips with your friends. Please don’t.
Be considerate, and think of the immense damages you are causing to the creators, yourself and the whole anime community in your country.
We need your help to stop cinema leaks.
If you see someone recording with their phone, stop that person.
Say to him: “Please, delete the file now!”
If the person refuses to comply, please inform the cinema staff on duty. Tell him your seat number and the direction where the perpetrator is seated.
Anime creators worked hard to warm the hearts with joy & laughter to fans all over the world.
No video recording
Of course, recording the movie in any form while in cinemas is illegal, as it breaks copyright laws. These incidents have happened before, here in Southeast Asia. Odex has been warning audiences in Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia over and over not to record or take photos of the movies they are watching in the theater. Posting photos of the screen can be considered piracy, and it is a crime in many Southeast Asian countries. This has resulted  with anime movies in Indonesia getting postponed because some movie-goers recorded images inside the theater. Malaysia also received several warnings about this, as well as Singapore.

However, this period of anime movie distribution for the region is under threat, and sadly, it may be the Southeast Asian anime fans themselves causing this threat. As the number of anime movies getting shown in cinemas grow, so do people recording movies with their cellphones. Of course, Video recording or taking a photo of a movie in the cinema is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam, so the threat of jail time for those recording movies will always be there. However, such acts also threaten the distributors of these movies. Every time an audience member whips out his/her camera and starts recording, the trust between the distributors and the Japanese companies making these films are breached.

While piracy may be the main reason for some people recording the movie inside cinemas, others just like showing off. Several incidences of anime fans going live on Facebook and streaming an anime movie (like No Game, No Life Zero) have been reported across the ASEAN region. While one could argue that they were just showing off that they are watching the movie and just streaming it live on social media, such behavior could lead to dire consequences. Not only would the one recording land in jail or get fined, but the rest of us would suffer as well. And yes, Japanese companies might reconsider handing distribution rights for anime movies for the entire region just because some idiot couldn’t resist showing off on social media.

Film piracy is a huge problem in the entire South East Asian region, and hopefully, this incident won’t lead to any more repercussions for anime fans in our region.

And finally, we end this in the words of the staff from Odex:

We need anime fans in the cinema to help stop such inconsiderate acts.

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source: Odex Facebook Page 


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